White Prakash
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White Prakash

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Fine white tea, slightly floral with an exquisite natural sweetness, against the scent of nectar and sugarcane.

Leaves and shoots are picked young in the spring and made into white tea by a natural drying without further rolling, damage or heating the blade. This is easily distributed, preferably under the sun, to the desired point where drying naturally stops the tea from maturing. A very simple but incredibly demanding way to make good tea.

The tea here is from Nepal in the highlands at the foot of Himalayas.

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Conventional brewing method:

Tea brewed at 85 °

1g per 200 ml

2-4 minutes

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A secondary brew is made at the same temperature for 30 minutes brewing time.

For each subsequent barley, 30-60 minutes are added

We suggest 2-3 brews.

Chinese 'Gong Fu' construction method:

Tea brewed at 85 °

3.5-4g per 100 ml

20-25 seconds

For each subsequent barley, 10 seconds are added

We suggest 5-6 brews.