Te Og Blandinger - Shangri-la Oolong
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Shangri-la Oolong

77,50 kr

Soft mouthfeel with gentle bark notes and a round dried-fruit sweetness.

Nepalese golden dark oolong tea. Dark oolong is especially known for mouthfeel and gives a full and soft feel - this tea is no exception. The tea is especially good during the day and next to a book or for work as it is soothing and can be enjoyed entirely for itself.


Geographically, from growing in the highlands up to the Himalayas, Nepali tea has a fine and unique mineral sweetness that appears a bit like dried fruit in this oolong.

Food pairing

Nuts, breads and pastries, eggs, butter, waffles, ice cream desserts ...

Oolong tea

<<<<< Oolong is the tea variant between green tea and black tea and is therefore often called 'semi-oxidized tea' (where green tea is 'non-oxidized' and black tea is 'fully oxidized'). O olong a broad category where the processing of the tea leaves is also very varied; The tea leaves can be heated, oxidized, rolled, dried, ripened and roasted - also over several times.

Conventional brewing method:

Tea is brewed at 85-90 °

1g per 200 ml

2-2.5 minutes

A secondary brew is made at the same temperature or slightly higher for 1 minute brewing time.

For each subsequent barley, add 1 minute

We suggest 3-4 brews.

Chinese 'Gong Fu' method of construction:

Tea is brewed at 85-90 °

3-3.5g per 100ml

20 seconds

For each subsequent brew, add 10 seconds

We suggest 6-7 brews.