Te - Keemun F.O.P.
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Keemun F.O.P.

46,00 kr

Uniform, finely rolled leaves for a light infusion with notes of leather, wood and an aftertaste with notes of dark chocolate.

Keemun is classic black tea from eastern China. The Qimen part of Anhui used to produce green tea, but after a business traveler visited Fujian and experienced their black tea, he changed the culture of Qimen and since its inception in 1875 the tea has become world famous and a favorite among others. in England.

Keemun uses or similar cultivars some Anhui's green tea, Huangshan Mao Feng.

brewing method:

Tea is brewed at 95 °

1g per 200 ml

3 minutes

A secondary brew is made at the same temperature for 30-60 seconds brewing time.