Te - Assam, Golden Tippy, Latumoni Signature
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Assam, Golden Tippy, Latumoni signature

64,50 kr

Balanced black tea with a refined malted taste, warmth and a bit of sour fruit notes and a stored honey sweetness.

In aroma and aftertaste there are also notes of freshly baked bread and cashew nuts that build on the complexity of the tea.

A lovely Assam with a golden liquid that is mild and flavored. The tea is hand-harvested and hand-rolled, with fine golden stripper.

This tea is produced by Tea Leaf Theory , an agricultural association in India that helps individual farmers show their tea to the world.

brewing method:

The tea brewed at 90-95 °

1g per 200 ml

3 minutes

A secondary brew is made at the same temperature for 30-60 seconds brewing time.

For each subsequent barley, 30 seconds are added

We suggest 4 brew.